The World Super/Bigger Planes: Omega707 -Documentary

Hit the air with the flying gas station Omega.
A commercial aircraft turned into tanker, built to refuel the US fighter jets while they’re in flight.
Type - Modified Boeing 707.


Looks like a modified dc-10 to me.

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Yes the thumbnail suggests that the documentary however is about a converted B707 tanker


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it is definitely a converted DC10-30

Ey Clipper, I know that seems alot like a DC, but like @Chatta290 said.

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They have the B767 tanker now but they would have had the Airbus ones had the goverment not made up lies to reward the contract to Boeing after Airbus were given it, it wasted more taxpayer money for American pride

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well, then whoever wrote that thumbnail made a mistake.

there is absolutely no way to convert a 707 in an aircraft like this! - it is simply impossible, if you do not want to build a new plane

just by using common sense this is pretty obvious:

707 , four engines mounted under the wings, narrow body with two landing gear bogies
DC10, three engine (one of it in the stabilizer!), wide body with three landing gear bogies

besides, who would invest that money, if he can buy used DC10 on the market???

and converting a 707 into a dc10 (impossible, as I said) would be like converting a large truck into a bugatti veyron;-)

Believe me, I am since 30 years in this industry.

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No one said they converted a Boeing 707 into a DC10, the documentary is about a B707 tanker converted from a passenger plane used by a independent firm to fuel fighter jets thanks to a contract with the Air Force, the thumbnail/the picture you see on the video before you click play is of a DC10 that has no relevance to the documentary.

Cool aircraft with an awesome job! I didn’t realise how much the Boeing 707 and 737 look similar

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Hi Clipper, I understand where you come from.
You makes sense based on that thumbnails.

But this is the actual picture of the plane inside the documentary.
They do have a DC-10 in the fleet.



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