The World’s Most Dangerous Approach

So today I decided to try out the « world’s most dangerous approach » at Paro airport. Here are some more details about the flight.

Server : Expert
Route : VNKT - VQPR
Flight time : 45 minutes
Aircraft and Livery : A320-200 / Batik Air

Time for the photos :

Taking off at Kathmandu Aiport :

We cruise for about 25 minutes and start our approach to Paro :

Approaching runway 33 and starting to make those tight turns :

Perfectly aligned and we touchdown smoothly :

Taxiing to gate and finishing our flight :

By the way, I made a video showing me doing this approach on YouTube. If you’re interested in watching it here is the link :

Thanks and see you next time!


Awesome photos! That centreline tho 😍
Happy Flying 🙃


This approach is awesome!

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Thanks, didn’t think I could make it (approach + landing) but here we are

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Take advantage of the live cockpit and try to fly without the HUD!
Nice flight though!

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I’m definitely looking forward to doing that. It’s a bit hard for me without the HUD, but I’ll try it.

Centerline on Paro!😅 what a badass, also thanks for the video link I think more people should accompany pics with moving images, they’re fun to watch!😃

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Try it! 😃 Totally doable, I’ve done it once and it was tense tho😅 here’s a short vid back atcha, just for fun watching:

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Will start flying without the HUD with the a320 family / a350 on training right now, hopefully it doesn’t tale too long to get used to

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That’s Lukla. VNKT is Kathmandu Tribhuvan.

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I meant to say VNKT Kathmandu and not Lukla, changiing it now

There are no dangerous approaches, just a few more preparations ;)

Fantastic pictures of a stunning arrival though!
Really nice topic, thanks for sharing!


Ah good photos 😍

Amazing game.

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Wow, that looks challenging!!!

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Wow! That was picture perfect! Great shots!

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Never thought of it that way, at first my mind says you’re taking away the mysticism in it but then… yeah on second thought more preps means more fun and more adrenaline when executing them for these “dangerous” airports, thank you for the enlightenment! :)