The World’s Longest Scenic Flight

Plenty of people dream of taking a vacation in the gorgeous islands of Tahiti or French Polynesia. What could be better than that? I know: nonstop flights to and from Papeete. When you fly this route, you can experience so many beautiful views of the land below.

@Alec and I wanted to fly the world’s longest scenic flight, all the way from Papeete to Paris.

Server: Expert
Route: NTAA - LFPG
Aircraft: Air Tahiti Nui 787-9
Total flight time: 17 hours 31 minutes

@Alec departs in the background as I begin taxiing onto runway 22.

Rotating off runway 22.

Sunrises in French Polynesia are spectacular!

After several hours of ocean, the West Coast comes into view. This photo was taken over a busy KLAX.

The wonderful plains of Canada, with Winnipeg far in the distance.

After even more ocean, the UK comes into view. EGLL was busy as well.

Descending into Paris.

And what better way to finish off an ultra-long haul than with a greaser of a landing? (I did this by hand, by the way)

I hope you enjoyed these photos, thank you for viewing them. If you would like to use any of them, please send me a PM.

Safe landings!


I know for a fact this whole flight wasn’t actually in daylight 🤭

Just kidding cool shots! It’s a fun route that’s pretty unusual


It wasn’t at all, replay just does that


My phone crashed on short final.

I cried. A LOT.

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