The world’s first commercial A330-800neo

An exclusive picture of the world’s first commercial Airbus A330-800NEO! The aircraft belongs to Kuwait Airways.💙

Kuwait Airways Is the launch, and largest costumer of the aircraft.

Aircraft Registration : 9K-APF

Thoughts? 💭

Credits : Andy Dann


Looks beautiful.

Hopefully more -800 orders are coming soon. It’s sold pretty terribly compared to the -900.


Exactly the same



It for sure does look shorter than it’s older sister ( A339 )

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Looks very cool! I hope the a330-800neo will be sold more now🛫

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I flew the A330-900neo in June, and it truly is a really nice aircraft. I wonder what they’re configuration onboard is though? It seems to look quite short compared to the -900.

What airline?!?

Cabin width on both the A330-200 (currently flown by Kuwait) and the A330-800 is 17 feet, three inches. I’m betting the same configuration. 2-4-2, I believe

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TAP Air Portugal

Yeah, I’d expect the economy to stay the same or similar. Was just wondering how many seats and stuff, and also the business class configuration. Currently, Kuwait Airways’ A330s have first class in a 1-2-1 configuration, and business class in 2-2-2 with angle flat seats which is outdated now. I wonder if they’ll take this opportunity to introduce a new seat.


I read somewhere what United was/is looking into the A330-800 to replace the 767 on some flights, hopefully they follow through with this.

I personally like the A330-800 better than the -900.

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Awesome! I’ve loved the new A330NEOs!

Kuwait Airways has announced that the configuration will be

1-2-1 In Business Class
2-4-2 In Economy Class



Cool to catch that plane, I didn’t know Kuwait was the launch customer though.

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This livery looks so good ! We really need this plane ✈️

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A330-800 Neo… My favourite variant. It’s so small and so amazing at the same time! Really hoping for a success on the -800 with more orders. Good luck!


Looks Beautiful! Just looking at the engines, is their engine colour orange inside?

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That looks pretty darn nice.

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Indeed! It’s my favorite livery! It looks so beautiful on their B777-300ER & A320NEO. Can’t wait to see the A350-900 In KU’s colors soon!

If you like, don’t hesitate to Vote for it! : Kuwait Airways Boeing 777-300ER

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The engines are covered for now. :) they are not orange.

I agree with you, I have always preferred the
A330-200 over the -300, and the A330-800 over the -900.

Shorter variants of the Airbus A330 looks better IMO.