The World is Beautiful | Air India B77W DEL - YVR

Hello all!

I haven’t don’t a overnight flight in ages, so last night, I decided to do one of the Top 5 77W Routes.
And after this flight, it’s probably one of the most enjoyable flights I’ve done. They beautiful scenery that this flight captures is breathtaking. But you’re not here to listen to me, so enjoy these images.

Seconds before @Altaria55 slammed his 777 into the runway. Damn, who gave this guy his PPL? He must’ve bribed the Flight Instructor…

Beautiful takeoff from Delhi. @Altaria55 and I have different opinions as to which runway was in use, he’s probably right.

Cruising over the Himalayas

Saying goodbye to the Himalayas, hello to Western China.

A beautiful shot of Alaqol State Nature Reserve in Kazakhstan

Somewhere over Mongolia

The Bering Strait. If you thought that Russia and the US were far from eachother, think again. This 36KM wide strait makes them some of the closest ocean-separated countries in the world. Closer then the UK and France.


Descending into a sunny Vancouver.

Buttering/Greasing into CYVR, passengers were relieved when they realized not all pilots land like @Altaria55

Details you most likely don’t care about.

Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER (Air India)
Route: VIDP - CYVR
Flight Time: 13:38
Server: Expert.

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Pilot feedback.

Beautiful route, I’d fly it again. I’d recommend this if you’re looking for a breathtaking 13/14 hour flight.


I think you meant VIDP.

Beautiful shots though!

@Altaria55, you 777 slammer 😂

Jokes aside, great pics!

@Josh_Tomaz Beautiful pics!!!

It’s Delhi, okay? I couldn’t see anything lmao

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