The Work of the Volunteer — It Gets Some Great Photos!


So, uh, I’m not here often. But when I am, I’m viewing y’alls photos. So I thought, how about I make some. And I got the perfect opportunity, when I volunteered at the Warbirds Over Monroe Airshow. Monroe Executive Airport, (KEQY) is only a short distance from Charlotte, so it worked well in terms of commuting there. Well, I’ll show my photos first, which I promise are way better than my last topic. I’ll talk more later. So, roll the photos!

First up, a Douglas C-54 “Spirit of Freedom” I took this photo at 7:00AM, first day of the Airshow, first photo. We started with just setting up. Trash cans, helping vendors, etc. It was actually fun to set up, as we were next to the planes the whole time. You can find out about this C-54 here.

Next up, a P-40 registered as NL977WH. This photo was taken on the other end of the apron, I had a little free time Sunday morning, so I decided to go right over. Fun fact: The P-40 is my favorite fighter ever.

Here, this North American P-51 “Swamp Fox” bathes in the Sunday morning sun. Registered as NL5420V. This P-51 along with the other P-51s, (And the P-40) performed in the airshow.

Another plane I got photos of on Sunday, this Junkers JU-52, N352JU. The lighting at 8:00AM is just awesome! The bottom photo of this plane is just amazing I’m my opinion. The angle, lighting, I love it. But you have your opinions, let me know about it.

Yes, there’s more than just warbirds, be patient, please.

Don’t think you would get away with just warbirds! The North Carolina Forrest Service also brought some planes to the Airshow! This T-34C (a warbird previously) rests in the Saturday afternoon sunlight, being observed by onlookers.

Another non-warbird! I’ve got everything here! Except jets * everyone leaves *. This Air Tractor AT-802A, again, owned by the NC Forrest Service, rests next to the T-34C. It’s not the most appealing plane, but very useful, I like it.

Now, don’t go whining to me replying “It’s an Airshow, where are the acrobatic performers?” Well, here you go! Now quit your whining.

Now presenting Aeroshell! It’s not everyday you get this close to the acrobatic aircraft, but you get these opportunities sometimes, opportunities you can’t pass up. Here, Aeroshell’s very own T-6 Texan N3267G. I actually met the pilot of the #2 aircraft. And, #1 is in the background.

Greg Koontz’s Super Decathlon is up next! N90GK. I hope the FBI doesn’t come to my house for spamming with all the adds on these planes. If only IF added this aircraft back, along with other Super D liveries.

Well, now it’s time for me to give a virtual speech. So, here we go! It was great volunteering, as I said, in the morning on Saturday, it was just really setup. I got to help pilots, and other volunteers. I was working in and out of the hospitality hangar, moving things, such as soda, and water. And picking up trash, eew, gross! When I wasn’t working, I was spotting planes and watching the Airshow. I caught up with a friend (name undisclosed) I met at Airventure Oshkosh, he’s a pilot for American Eagle. And I met the pilots of the C-46 TinkerBell. I met another pilot, and he recommended a flight school local at the airport. I could talk for hours, but I’ll spare y’all, if you don’t like reading.

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Thanks for visiting, and feel free to leave feedback, especially since I don’t usually do these topics. I hope you enjoyed these photos, and for making it through this long topic, you get a cookie. 🍪

Happy spotting!


Wow wow wow that JU-52 😍

Stunnging shots mate!

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Thanks! I’m so glad you like them.

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these are really good photos, also stunning aircrafts!

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Thank you, means a lot!

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Great photos! Nice to see the old warbirds 👌🏻
The Warhawk is a beauty! 😍

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Great Shots. Nice to see old birds

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Great photos Boi, hope those planes BUTTERED their landing!

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Thanks @Andre_S! I love these warbirds too!

@Murphy, thank you sooooo much!

Thanks! And yes (most) buttered their landing, @Jamster!


That must have been really cool to get so close!

Really nice!

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Great photos
I rated it a 2 by mistake
I thought I was picking my favorite photo

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You can click on the “Hide Results” button and change your vote.

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Pardon me saying this but I actually was fine with looking at the warbirds. I didn’t need to see jets or anything else cause the oldies are pretty and you took great pictures of them.

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@Scandanavian54super, yes it was very cool! And thank you!

Thanks @Ryan0479! It’s a small mistake, click “hide results” then you can re-vote

I know this is one of the minority without jets, but thank you @The_Geniusman! I always liked old planes better too.


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