The work of the french community

Hey 👋🏻,

I would like to tell you about the Infinite flight’s article on Wikipedia.
For several weeks, with some other players, we have enriched the page by making it the most complete page !

We are proud of our work that we share with you today.
(Modifications can still be made !)


That’s quite impressive. Congrats.

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Sad thing is I can’t read French, the only French I know is, Bonjour and Crème de la crème. But congratulations on your efforts.


You may know many more French words like : cliché, touché, fiancée, ménage-à-trois, … and French kiss!!
I like you know “crème de la crème”, it’s funny. So you can now say that IF is la crème de la crème !


Great work guys!

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Wow! That is really incredible. Especially since I speak French! Much better then the English page

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Thank you @Qantas094 @Hamza.N @FrankLFRS @Vegard_Selsas and @Hymenopus_Coronatus


bravo c’est magnifique:)

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Merci beaucoup ☺️

Bonjour et je voudrais miauler si fort que j’ai vu un chat mourir miaou miaou splat allé le chat

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Thank you for your contributions!

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Travail fantastique! Bon travail!

i also know a not so nice phrase in fench, wink wink

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Great work! Funny to see some members trying to speak French haha