The Wonderful West Palm Beach Flyout 18FEB23

The Wonderful West Palm Beach Flyout


Welcome to West Palm Beach! This city is north of Fort Lauderdale on the eastern coast of Florida. West Palm Beach is a very tropical city having fairly warm temperatures all year long. The city is well known for its famous Palm trees, and night entertainment. The airport also has a variety of flights happening from it, with even some International Flights to the Caribbean! So come join us in West Palm Beach!

Thanks to:
@United403 for the gates
@MANDELA for the banners


Event Details

Event Time - Sunday, February 18, 2024 9:00 PM → Sunday, February 18, 2024 10:00 PM

A Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
A1 Silver Airways Tampa DH8D
A2 Silver Airways Panama City DH8D
A3 BahamasAir Marsh Harbour B737
A4 Silver Airways Jacksonville DH8D
A5 Silver Airways Key West DH8D
B Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
B1 American Philadelphia A319
B2 American Charlotte A319
B3 Southwest Chicago Midway B737
B4 Southwest Atlanta B738 @Bay_Area_Aviation
B5 Allegiant Pittsburgh A320
B6 Southwest Islip B737 @PhorzaSky
B7 Allegiant Asheville A320
B8 American Dallas B738 @NonStopsAviation
B9 United Houston B738
B10 United Washington Dulles B738 @ayyjay
B11 Sun country Minneapolis B738
B12 United Newark B737
B14 Air Canada Toronto BCS3
C Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
C1 Delta White Plains BCS3
C2 Delta New York JFK B738 @75juke
C3 Delta New York LGA BCS3 @Ben_Walsh
C4 Delta Minneapolis A321
C5 Delta Detroit A320
C6 Frontier Trenton A320
C7 Delta Atlanta B757 @CedricFlys
C8 Breeze Charleston BCS3 @Cole_Woodard
C9 Avelo Wilmington DE B738
C10 Avelo New Haven B738 @Ben_Walsh
C11 JetBlue Hartford E190 @Jetblue1269
C12 JetBlue Washington National E190 @RagonDragon
C14 JetBlue New York JFK A320
C15 JetBlue Boston BCS3 @Jake_Rogers
C16 Spirit Atlantic City A320


I am not responsible for violations
Follow all ATC Instructions
Respect all other planes and player
Be professional, it is 2024 if your curious
Have fun!

ATIS Ground Tower Departure Center
- - - - -

Please and thank you

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Can I have delta A220 to LGA please

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I’ll take these

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Taking this btw

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Thanks @Prestoni

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c7 Delta Atlanta 757 pls

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@Cole_Woodard are there GA aprons?

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There is at west Palm beach, but I did not add them due to the expansive amount of Commerical flights.

I’ll take C15 → KBOS in the BCS3

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Great choice!