The Wonderful Forum: 20,000 Members! (+FNF Poll)


Let’s try to do something different this event. Seriously, a fun plane to fly.


Pretty sure we will have a Decathlon FNF at some point even if it doesn’t win the poll 😉


Please please please please vote Decathlon. That would be just awesome.

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Even if it doesn’t win I am flying Decathlons in Oshkosh Friday night.


I can’t use IF this Friday. I deleted it so that I could reinstall it and fix a problem but I bought it with my mom’s Apple ID so I can’t reinstall it myself as I don’t know the password, and Apple made reinstalling apps require the password. I also have exams and they end next week.

A330s in San Francisco is a no unless we suddenly get a A330 rework…

1st option is best

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Well done to FDS!! You all made my whole life change. So excited to see us as a community expanding its wings. Cleared for takeoff…

What’s that about…

That means many people also are playing this game now.

You guys always do socal do something else!

Think big with the news of global confirmed we can get popular so expect numbers to climb like your plane climbs fast on a steep takeoff


Awesome! Thanks to all the awesome moderators and members that have helped to make this forum a better place!

Gongratulations for this wonderfull forum :)

Vote for Decathlons or else.


Or else what? Just kidding, I will vote for Decathlons.

The event is made @RedBulbBlueBlood9911

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It’s already closed dude

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Ok, it’s not showing as closed on my screen. Little bug :-)

Looks like every single one of @DeltaCRJ-900’s takeoffs