The Wing View Challenge: Volume 1

challenge suggested by colsathya.

Challenge Name: was not given✌😂
Step 1: Set your airport as TNCS landing, runway 30.
Step 2: Set your aircraft type as A318.
Step 3: Set weight to 0
Step 4: Land the aircraft, make sure your view is in the wing view!
Step 5: Share your results and photos in the comments below!

Any challenges you want to suggest for following volumes?
Do DM me @kevirtual
Have a safe flight!


Well if it’s in APPR mode, I don’t see why it would be so complicated. Maybe I’m underestimating it. I’ll try this within the next 10 hours.

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Yea so apparently the creator wrote APPR and meant approach normally! Sorry!

Oh wow. I’ll still give it a try later.

TNCS you mean.

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I must of read it wrong. I will have a go

It didnt turn out so good 😰

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Oh man! Nice try though, you were so close to the runway😂

Not really 😂

Is this even possible?

No one said it had to be

I know, I’m just wondering.

I’m not sure if I should even attempt this.

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If you ask me… Probably, cos the A318 with such settings is actually able to land there, mastering the wing view is another story i guess😂✌

It was a replay…

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This is really hard. Much harder than the mannequin challenge!

I managed it in two tries😂

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