The Windy Wellington Fly-Out CANCELLED

I would be happy to mark you down in a preference of yours now so that you’ve at least got a route you want if you can go?

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I’ll probably end up doing gold coast or queentown so you can put me on queenstown for now!

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Queenstown is all taken I’m sorry. I’ll put you down for the Gold Coast

You can add another Queenstown route

True I’ll replace one of the Akl flights then


Bumped. Would love to see more join!

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Last minute sign ups anyone?

Sorry I can’t come, I’m going to the airport to see Imua one

Sorry can’t come any more

Switch me to sounds air to Picton

Hey there would you like ATC if so i could do ATIS ground and tower

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Yes please!

@Prestoni @American367 @United403 @OzriderOne @anon87523340

If you can, spawn in 10 minutes early

sorry for the late response i am currently stuck at KJFK if you want i could send another controller

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Only if possible. Thanks

I can’t attend anymore

OP requested closure