The Wilkes Barre/Scranton Flyout!(AVP)

Hello and welcome to the Wilkes Barre Scranton flyout! This tiny airport is great for
connections, which I encourage you to fly a connecting flight somewhere far.

Server: Expert

Airport: AVP/KAVP

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
1 Southwest Airlines(Boscov’s Charter) Orlando(MCO) 737-700 @Probin
3 American Eagle Chicago(ORD) CRJ-200
6 United Express Washington(IAD) CRJ-200 @75juke
8 United Express Chicago(ORD) CRJ-700 @Patrick_Spies1
7 United Express New York(EWR) E175
5 American Airlines Charlotte(CLT) A320 @Anotherpilot77
4 Breeze Airways Orlando(MCO) A220-300 @YAWspeed
Frequency User
AVP Ground
AVP Tower
New York Center
Washington Center
Cleveland Center


  • I am not responsible for violations
  • IF ATC not present use unicom correctly
  • Please be mindful of other pilots

Ready to join? click down below to let me know if your coming!

Right smack dab in the middle of school😭

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I’m not expecting many people anyway, i have april break so I knew this would be small so I did a small flyout for those who also had april break

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I will happily be the first to say, can I fly this route pls?

Got you down

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Would love to join but I unfortunately will be traveling for Spring Break.

Me too😭 my school gets out at 4:00.

This is at 1:00

That’s a little late spring break right?

@Delta174J @deltaoutofdca Don’t worry, I put this at the time and this small airport because I’m not expecting as high attendance as other times. I wouldn’t have made a flyout for a lot bigger of an airport at this ime

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You can put it at like 5:00pm eastern.

Got practice, wont be home until 7PM and the next day i am travelling

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What time done are you?

I might have baseball too

This please!

Yayyyyyy finally my home town

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This please!


Sorry I was on a trip IRL, got you down

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This one please! See you Thursday :)

Got you down, see you then

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This is what is left. Attendance is currently higher than I expected so I will be allowing general Aviation which will be made soon.

One new route has also been added