The whole gangs here

Got the whole squad rolling up


Buy the US Army Tactical thingy and you can see their planes in real life.

Hello, thanks for your post today. Feel free to continue here

Thanks mate :)

Omg that’s great, will do that. Airplane go boom!

I should warn you, that’s not a good idea…

Too late already on it lol 😆😂

But no really I shouldn’t say this because it’s going to get flagged or taken down XD

The squad is Already notified and they will find you to shot your plane down ;)

Colourful 😂

I dunno, it’ll probably be ok seen as you’re just joking.

Yeah I know I’m just kidding…

I guess the whole squad has missile warnings 😂

Please continue Infinite Flight Tracking Findings. It keeps these types of topic in one place.