The Whole B777 Family Reworked or not?

Hi 👋I want to know if the whole B777 family / B777W and 777F is getting a rework Thanks :)

The entire 777 family is getting reworked, but they will be released later. The 200ER comes first


Sounds like it will be all of them, though the -200ER is the only one known to be in development, and the only one coming in 20.1

Ok thanks for confirming

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not yet i guess

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What about the 777F? It’s close to the 777-200 family, so I thought it was possible?

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It wouldn’t be that hard. maybe just a cargo cabin and functional cargo doors.

777F is closest to the 777-200LR not ER…

Also keep in mind all 777 have their differences.

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Infinite Flight has said the 777-200ER is being worked, with other variants to follow at a later date.