The White House Flyout Photos! @KDCA

Hey all! This was my second flyout I hosted! It was over all very fun and I hope you will enjoy these photos I have put up! Thanks to the 12 people that showed up it means a lot since my first was only 3! My flight was on expert server to KDCA-KDFW in the new 757 with @Aviation2929 escorting for a lil bit and @Infiniteflight2 going with me almost the whole way! It was not too short or long just around 3hrs from 6:14 to 9:20. Other than that enjoy the photos!

Pics from the terminals

Everyone ready to takeoff!

Me taking off!

@Aviation2929 Escorting me for a lil bit over Virginia

@Infiniteflight2 takes over and escorts me for the rest of the flight

On final

Just landed

Me parked and finished with a great event

Thanks for looking at my photos and let me know which one is your favorite!!!

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Other than that have a wonderful rest of your day. -DF


It was a great flight

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It sure was!

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Awesome stuff

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