The Western Islands of the North Pacific! (Part Two of Three)

1) Background to the photos
Today, I completed the second leg of our flight from Anchorage to Kastrup Airport via Eareckson Air Station and Tokyo-Haneda Airport. This flight takes us over the southern Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia, the Kuril Islands, and the Hokkaido Prefecture of Japan, finally closing out the flight with a scenic landing into Tokyo.
2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Casual Server, 2000Z, PASY-RJTT, SAS B742
3) Photos

Upon taking off from Eareckson Air Station, we are on our way west!

This is our last glimpse of America, before crossing into Russia and eventually Japan.

This is the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia. Welcome to Asia.

We flew right over a snowcap of the Kuril Islands, one of several on this trip south.

Welcome to Japan!

We see Mt. Fuji in the distance as we descend into Tokyo.

After a really rough landing into Haneda Airport, we are on our way to our gate.

We have made it to our gate, safe and sound! We are letting the passengers off to stretch as we refuel for the long haul into Kastrup.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Looks like a beautiful flight path.

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