The West Palm Beach Flyout! [Sponsored by Plane & Pilot] @ KPBI 121400ZOCT19

Server: Expert

Time: 2019-10-12T14:00:00Z (this automatically converts to your time zone)

Airport: KPBI

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Palm beach Flyout I love this airport and come here almost every year for spring training! I hope you enjoy this Flyout!

Event NOTAMs

  • If IFATC is present in the area during the Event time, pilots are to respect them by following instructions (I will not be responsible for reports, ghosts, or violations you receive during the event - you are the pilot ).

  • Please spawn in 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start-time of the event

  • Pilots are to present good airmanship and respect other pilots (giving-way etc.)

  • Pilots are not to push-back until told to (this will be done either through the thread, or a PM with all event attendees).

A good way to make a flight plan is to use FPL to IF.


Concourse C (Delta, Frontier, Southern, JetBlue)

Gate C01 737-900 to KATL:
Gate C02 A320 to KDTW: @Lil_Qaz
Gate C03 A319 to KLGA: @Dylan_M
Southern Air:
Gate C04 C208to KEYW: @Sashaz55
Gate C05 C208 to KEYW:
Gate C06 C208 to KTPA:
Gate C07 C208 to KTPA:

Gate C08 A320 to KRDU:
Gate C09 A320 to KTTN:


Gate C09 A320 to KLGA: 1400Z, 1415Z
Gate C11 A320 to KEWR: 1400Z, 1415Z
Gate C12 A320 to KJFK: 1400Z: @anon82246052 1415Z
Gate C13 A320 to KPVD: 1400Z, 1415Z
Gate C14 A320 to KDCA: 1400Z, 1415Z

(For JetBlue Gates I will be setting time slots)

Concourse B (American, Air Canada, Southwest, United)

B01 A320 to KCLT:
B02 737-800 to KORD:
B03 737-800 to KDFW:
B04 A321 to KPHL:
B05 A320 to KDCA:
B06 E175 to KLGA (US airways livery):
B07 737-700 to KBWI:
B08 737-800 to KISP: @Matthew_20204
B09 737-700 to KATL:
B10 737-700 to KPIT:
Air Canada:
B11 A321 to CYYZ:
B12 A321 to CYUL:
B13: 737-800 to KEWR:
B14 737-800 to KIAH:

Concourse A (Silver Air)

Silver: (Q400 replaces ATR 42)
A01 Q400 to MYBS:
A02 Q400 to MYNN:
A03 Q400 to MYAM:
A04 Q400 to KEYW: @Plnelovr


GA 1: @Niccckk CCX to KRIC
GA 2: @PlaneLover TBM to KFLL
GA 3:
GA 4: @Dingus
GA 5:
GA 6:
GA 7:


Cargo 1 Fedex C208 to KMEM:
Cargo 2 UPS 757 to KSDF:
Cargo 3 UPS 757 to KMIA:

Please note I tried my very best to get as many routes and aircraft as I could but not all are represented if you know a route that is in real life but isn’t here please tell me and I will add it.

Event Partners:

20190509_204439 | 20190509_204401 | 20190509_204418 | 20190509_204510

About KPBI:

Airport diagram:

Thanks for coming to my event I hope you enjoy but I would like some feedback how would you rate my event?

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I’ll take A04 to KEYW

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Thanks for coming!

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I’ll take GA 1 in a Citation X to KRIC.

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GA 2 In a TBM to KFLL please!

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@Niccckk of course your going to KRIC 😂 anyways your signed up!



Gate C02 please

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Thanks for coming!

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This gate please 👍

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Thanks for coming!

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I’d love to attend, but it starts literally the second I end school 😬.

Nice airport choice, though!

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It’s on a Saturday…

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Not on my screen.


Probably because you put 121400NOV19… Congratulations.

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Oh sorry it’s in October on the 12th 😂

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Roger that 😂 I may take a GA, but I’ve bookmarked this for future reference 🤠

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So do you want to come or not you deleted your post.

This event is now partnered with Plane and Pilot!

I’ll take gate B08

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Thanks for coming!

I dont think you gave me a gate…

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