The West Coast Group Flight

Hello Everyone! The West Coast is known for many things weather your surfing the waves in Cali or Taking a good hike enjoying all the green around you in Oregon or Washington. The West Coast is made up of 3 states which include Washington, Oregon, and California. Los Angeles is the biggest city in Cali. Portland is the biggest in Oregon and Seattle is the biggest in Washington. All of these states have there main airports and then there are some small regional airports that serve the smaller communities to the world. There is only 1 Airline that likes to call the West Coast home and that is Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines has bases in Anchorage, Seattle Tacoma, Portland International, San Fransisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Join the some of the most beautiful flying in the Country!

The Aircraft:

In this event we will be using the Alaska Airlines E-175 as it connects the west coast together!

The Route:

Departure: KSAN
Arrival: KSEA


Flight Times:

Departure Airport Arrival Airport Flight Time

How is it going to Work…
You will Sign up for one of the gates below. Then you will be added into a private PM giving you more Info there. In this PM you will find things like the Flight Plan Gate Assignments for Arrival Airports what airports are on what day. What group you will be in and etc.


Gate Assignments:

Gate Airline Aircraft User
Gate 20 Alaska Horizon E-175 @alexNine99
Gate 21 Alaska Horizon E-175 @Chillin907
Gate 22 Alaska Horizon E-175 @Prestoni
Gate 24 Alaska Horizon E-175 @717Flier
Gate 26 Alaska Horizon E-175 @United403
Gate 28 Alaska Horizon E-175 @Ryan_15
Gate 30 Alaska Horizon E-175 @BenjiTheBull
Gate 33 Alaska Horizon E-175 @PhorzaSky
Gate 34 Alaska Horizon E-175 @anon38552190
Gate 35 Alaska Horizon E-175 @RedBeaver
Gate 36 Alaska Horizon E-175 @Prestoni
Gate 37 Alaska Horizon E-175 @Charly_Jime

More Gates can Be added if Necessary :)

ATC Assignments:

All ATC is needed at all airports! If you are interested in doing ATC for an airport please let me know!

Listen to ATC if present if not please use Unicom correctly
Be respectful to others
Be Realistic
Have Fun!

This Event is Sponsored by @AlaskaAirlinesVA ! Make Sure to go Check them out. The Thread is linked down below. Huge Thank you to @Chillin907 for making this happen!





me please!

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first to sign up!

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SAN to LAX on Alaska? 💀

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Gate 24 please

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it exists lol

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Not on Alaska

look it up on fr24 they’ve done it once

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It’s probably a repositioning or connection-only flight.

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Wrong airport 😂dont mind me

Actually it’s bookable (checked Google flights)

Yeah it’s a real flight, but it’s not operated on Alaska

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next to then man himself pls

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Give me any gate. Hopefully I’ll actually be able to join this time lol

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Horizon Air (Same Thing)

I think it exist IRL but on Horizon Air. And most of this is just going to Main airports on the West Coast

What would you like
  • Add more Airpots
  • Remove some airports
  • Keep it the same

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Please and thank you!


For those who want airports added or removed please tell me how many you would like removed not what airports you want removed but how many airports you would want removed or added

Attention everyone. They time and date have changed Slightly. Also I have only done the main airports on the west coast just to make it more simple.

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