The Weekend at KCLT, Saturday Evening Traffic | [Day 1 of 2]


Last weekend I decided to go spotting at Charlotte Douglas Airport (KCLT) to do some golden hour spotting, and even some nighttime spotting from the overlook near runway 18C. Well, more or less golden hour since half the time it was cloudy on Saturday 🙃. But I went spotting anyway and got some great photos of the before-sunset activity at KCLT. Without further ado, here we go with part 1!

Here we have the first plane of the day, N54IGJ, a United Express CRJ-550. I was ecstatic to see that United decided to send their -550’s in the new livery over there, it was my first time seeing their new livery in person.

Took a few tries to get a photo that was lined up with my camera, but I managed to get this N983NN lining up with runway 18C, this 738 was off to Chicago. This guy took off near the end of the early evening departure rush.

Sorry for the horrible quality on this one, but I couldn’t ignore this ABX 767 when I saw it — even though it’s wing was conveniently blocking the registration in all my photos of it. 😂

After coming out from behind the clouds for the 767, the sun decided to stay out in order to get a photo of United’s E-175 off to Houston, Texas. I even got the beacon lights on this one.

This right here is proof that KCLT is home to the world’s entire CRJ supply. We have Mr. N601EN and Mr. Registration Out Of Frame in this photo, both CRJ-900’s. N601EN was off to Pensacola by the way. And the clouds came back for a bit. 😕

We got another United E-175, this one is heading a mile up to Denver. Apparently I kept getting lucky with the E-175’s on Saturday, cause both times I caught the beacon lights on.

It was starting to get really dark with the sunset combined with the cloud cover, but I managed to get my favorite photo of the day. N507AY, an A321, is about to embark on a cross-country trip to Las Vegas in Nevada.

The clouds decided to clear once again, so I was able to catch this American A321 landing in the evening light. Of course the registration is blocked by the wing though, just my luck. 😂

Perfect golden hour light shines on the airport as N122US taxis to runway 18C. And to address the elephant in the photo, this was the second time I’ve ever seen a 777, and the first time I saw one takeoff. I blame that on CLT’s lack of widebody traffic, lol. And the US Airways A321 special livery is here as well.

The last Saturday light hits the side of this ERJ-145 operating for Piedmont Airlines. We have a parallel approach with an A320 too. Lucky I was able to catch this while there was still some sunlight left!

Less than 10 minutes after I left, the sun set below the horizon. I wasn’t really planning on going back on Sunday, but as the evening went on I had more and more fun trying out new things. So what did I do? I went back on Sunday! That trip will be covered in part 2, so keep an eye out.

I’m still relatively new to spotting, so if you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it. Have a great day IFC!

Camera: Cannon EOS 350D.

The IFC decided to cut the nose off some of the planes, I recommend clicking each photo to see it in its entirety.

See y’all in Part 2!


Such a clean shot. Very well done

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Thanks a lot @Vortex! That was one of my favorites from the trip. :)

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Great photos!

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Cool photos!
We still get a lot of UA old liveries with the E-Jets here, so it’s rare to see their new livery on a regional 😂

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Nice shots mate 👀

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Amazing shots! Picture 4 looks great:)

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Oh my god I’m so sorry

I meant shots hahaha


Nice photos, I’d have to say number nine is my favorite. Well done!

Nice photos @Butter_Boi!

Lol. Auto flag got you. 😂

Thanks @Rian16! You’re all good.

Thanks @Tommy!

Thank you @Aviation108!

@anon74260613, the thing is I only saw one RJ in the old livery. Apparently the new livery isn’t rare over here lol.


I knew I messed something up. 😳

Thank you though!

And a big thanks to you too @ThomasThePro!

Nice photos!

Yeah mainly 737s here lol

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I see a trend here…

Nice Photos! The AA772 looks great!

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Hey, at least that’s only 3. 7 of them have their registrations visible. 😂


@anon74260613, your 737’s are the equivalent of our CRJ’s at KCLT.


I had a good time at that spot, saw two American A330’s and almost saw the Lufthansa A350 taking off.

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Yeah true 😂

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Haha, some of the few widebodies that go to CLT. The overlook is really good if you get good traffic on 18C/36C.

Great shots, that American Airlines is my favorite… or the United ;)