The weather was not cooperating @ KLAX

Hello IFC, LA today, wasn’t very LA like but despite that I still went Spotting. This plus my 2500 iso setting cause quite some grain 😔. Luckily, the few special liveries Alaska Airlines sent our way made up for that.

Unfortunately I missed the Toy Story Livery but caught the rest of the special Alaskan Liveries that were sent here today.

Let’s start it off with the Alaska Fly with Pride Livery.
Registration: N854VA
Route: MMZH - KLAX

Next on the arrival board was AA1536 from Miami
Registration: N720AN
Route: KMIA - KLAX

Then we have some Swiss action coming in from Zurich.
Registration: HB-JNB

Next up, one of my favorite catches was this Volaris A320neo.
Registration: XA-VRO

Next we have an Air France from Paris.
Registration: F-GSQL
Route: LFPG - KLAX

Finally we have this Qantas 787-9 from Sydney.
Registration: VH-ZNK

Thanks all for stopping by, as always I’m open to any constructive criticism you may have on my photography.

Spotting Gear

Canon EOS 60D
Canon EF 18-135 f/3.5-f/5.6
Canon EF 70-200 f/4
Polaroid Tripod



Definitely not being biased being from australia but that Qantas shot 😍 but overall they all look amazing

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That final Qantas shot with what looks like an embraer in the background 👌 might need to copyright that one

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Thank you! The Qantas was definitely worth the wait!

Hehe, I appreciate the words, although I don’t they are that great yet.

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‘weather wasn’t cooperating’ - I have to say this is damn near perfect! Well done :)


Love that Alaska livery, and that Qantas shot is stunning as well.

Great shots!

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Nice spotting!

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Great shots despite the weather !

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Thank you for the kind words!

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The Alaska was actually unexpected, still a good catch no doubt.

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Thanks mate!

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Thank you!

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Beautiful shots, I especially love the Qantas shot! Great job! :)

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Thank you! I also really liked how the Qantas came out!

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I’m incredibly impressed. Beautiful work!

LA-Kevin (Los Angeles)

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First and foremost thank you!

Second, welcome to the community!

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