The weather is down

Here we go again,
the weather is down. Is this just me or are other users having this issue?

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How long have you been having this issue for?

i spawned in and my weather was red

Everything is good on my end.

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Good on my end too. Just wait a short while if not to the hour and all should be good.

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All good here. Try tapping on the icon and see if it refreshes.

Where did you spawn?

I spawned in at Frankfurt. I’m literally sitting right next to my router.

What have you tried? Toggling airplane mode? Switching to cell?

is tapping the icon send a refresh request to the server? (like F5 on broswers?). I always thought it didn’t nothing

No but sometimes I have found it to be yellow and when I tap it goes green? Nothing official. Could be coincidence.

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It’s working for me now. It just came back idk.

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Bugged thing when you hold on any button that opens a large tab and click onto another button of the same type (at the same time). The 3 being (in a session) the ATC tab, status tab, and pause button/menu.

Very easy to do on the pause menu and the home selection screen.