The way to go for a Degree in Commercial Aviation

Hello everyone, i am making this topic because I would like your helpful opinions on where to go to college for a degree in commercial aviation.
I want to start out as a flight attendant first then become a pilot (I already have a list of airline companies i want to apply for), I have not gone to flight school but i want to, More than likely I will after college. I want to get a 777 or 787 Type rating but those are above $7,000 + Flight school $20,000. I don’t know what to look for when looking for a university to attend, Is University even the way to go for commercial aviation?

Where would you recommend going to college?
I am really wanting to go somewhere in Europe or Japan… mainly France,London or Tokyo.

I think #real-world-aviation is the closest category for this, I hope this topic will bring out a great conversation.

Thank you for your help!


Well I know that there is a college near me that allows pilots when they finish school there to immediately become a pilot for Skywest Airlines, might not help you out though


I want to immediately go to mainline, not regional

I am not at all an expert on this subject, but I want to make the following points:

  1. Captain joe, Mentour Pilot, etc. are helpful youtube channels if you want to learn about this.
  2. Perhaps it’s too early to start thinking about that? For the looks of it you haven’t started college so I wouldn’t be so sure so early.
  3. Sure, you might want mainline 777s and 787s for this airline in this city, but from what I know that is not how this world works. You apply for what you can. You get what you want, excellent. You don’t, too bad. That’s what I know, I don’t have much experience.
  4. Google?..

@nicochile2 yea Google didn’t help much, Thank you

Still less then a Hot Air Balloon :P

I heard good things about Emirates Flight School (Not the best part of the country surrounding it) but it is apparently the best…


Emirates is on my list of interested companies, Thanks

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I would recommend the Air Force. Here’s a few reasons why.

1). Free flight school. Flight school is payed for by the Air Force, all the way up to an ATP, I believe. That’s at least $30k saved. Not to mention if you go to the Academy all your college years and degree is free. That’s another around $160,000 saved right then and there.

2). Prestige. When airlines higher pilots, an ex-Air Force pilot will get the job every time over a new pilot with no prior experience.

3). Great pay. To fly you must become and officer. The minimum pay for a second officer, or O1, is $3,500 a month. Fresh out of college. And it only goes up from thier.

4). Litte school. An ROTC program takes only about 4 years, including flight school. That’s a score.

Those are the practical benefits. Others include flying badass planes, traveling around the world and get paid to do it, and serve your country.

The AF plan is likely the easiest and cheapest to get you in the Air. The only thing that may turn you off is minimum 10 years service time. If that doesn’t matter to you, this would be the way I would choose.


With this… There is still no guarantee. Will you ever come back home!??!

Plus with this, you get to go through hell with the Air Force Academy! (Sounds Like Fun Doesn’t it?!?!)


You are very very very confused. Going to the academy is like going to Stanford or Harvard. It’s one of the most prestigious colleges in the nation. Hell? No, I would kill to go there.

Yes, there is risks when serving in your country. But there is likely a 1 in 1,000,000 chance you get killed. It’s very rare. Remember when a soldier was killed in Yemen? It made national headlines for weeks. It’s very rare.


Is the Air force like military?
I don’t know about militar, kinda scary, Not the type of stuff for my personality.


Yes. Navy does the same thing too, really.

That’s totally understandable, and that is why a lot don’t go that route. It’s definitely not for everyone. Not gonna force any ideas on you, that’s just my perspective.


Air Force is not for me… But Civil Air Patrol… :D


Have fun flying your 172s… :)


@Ben like he said, but even if i come back alive many soldiers return mentally and/or emotionally traumatized


That is very true, will not argue that fact.

There are many risks to joining the armed forces, but this is known. And for that reason, you are compensated with many benefits. But, it’s not for everyone.


Ok thank you very much this did help, may I ask if you were ever in the armed forces?

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Captain Sully Sullenberger (Miracle on the Hudson) began flying when he was a teenager and served in the Air Force. That’s one way to go 😂


Actually, Air Force has the easiest training program. If you want brutality, join the marines 😂


No, not yet at least. If applied for ROTC programs, but that’s a waiting game. The moment I can, I will.

I’m from a long line of military family members. My great grandfather stormed Iwo Jima. My grandfather flew B-52s over Vietnam. My dad forecasted for operations all over the world. My uncle was a boom operator on KC-135s. It only feels right to serve.