The way IF counts flight time is wrong

As a student pilot I know that a definition of flight time is “the total time from when an aircraft first moves under it’s own power for the purpose of taking-off until it comes to rest after the flight” however, I have noticed that IF counts flight time only when the aircraft is in the air. Is there any explanation to this ?

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Probably so people don’t cheat the grade level system by just taxing around


They can have realistic flight time count only for expert server users then. That way, pilots will also have an added perk of being a grade higher.

Thats probably true

For what purpose? This is a mobile flight sim and they have to work around a lot of things. To change this would bring no value to the users.

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Its a game (sorry, a simulator) - it really does not matter how its worded.

I think it’s good that IF counts flight time only when u are in the air, since it’ll be limited to the maximum amount of flying time u can get out of your fuel onboard your aircraft.

If IF counts flight time when you’re on the ground, you can technically accumulate unlimited flight time (unless ur device battery is a factor) by just having ur parking brakes on and refuelling once u run out of fuel.
(too lenient and easy for grade progression.)

But again some users also tend to go on frequent long hauls and just leave their device at cruise until descent…so there is some grey area in that aspect I guess.

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There are two types of “time”. For the purpose of this explanation, we’ll use OUT, OFF, ON, IN or OOOI. These are the 4 times that most pilots outside of flight training that we use. Its the way that airline or other commercial operators log times. Most if has to do with how pilots are paid and how to charge the passengers or owners that we’re flying. That said, there are two types of logging time:

  • Block Time: Block time is calculated from OUT to IN. This is the time time from when the parking brake is released at the departure airport to the time the brake is set at the arrival airport.
  • Flight Time: Flight time is just that. From when the wheels have left the ground, OFF, to when the wheels have retouched the ground, or back ON in this case.

Infinite Flight calculates time for which you are logging in your logbook as the latter. The “Flight Time”. If you look at a replay, then this is different. Rather, replays show the duration from spawn in to spawn out.

This should clarify any misunderstandings.


It should matter when they put “realistic” tag with it.

That makes sense! Thanks for replying

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