The VNAV Dilemma

At this point, it is obvious that VNAV is possible for Infinite flight. There are several third-party apps out there such as VirtualLink, IF-Assistant, FMC, that all have or will have VNAV features. However, the VNAV Feature Request on the IFC is still open and has more than 150 votes. This puts FDS in an uncomfortable position if they ever consider adding a VNAV system in the app. If they do chose to do this, they will most likely crumble the business of the VNAV third-party apps. However, this could also attract more users and make the community happy. If FDS choses not to implement VNAV into IF, they show that they support the third-party VNAV apps (or that they just don’t want to add VNAV).

The big question is: does FDS value third-party IF apps enough to withhold releasing a VNAV system in game, or would they implement it, causing the third party apps to lose business?


Wasn’t the VNAV in IF already added before the 3rd party apps? (Correct me if I am wrong please.)

No, thats LNAV (Lateral Navigation), we’re talking about VNAV (Vertical Navigation).


Ok thanks for the correction. :)

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FDS will eventually implement that as it is key for the future. Sadly that would bump some 3rd Party Apps Out. In my opinion, I think that it will cause the 3rd Party Apps to continue to expand and add to their app with the changes thrown at them

That in itself is a plus!


Well I would think as to make it convenient to have it in the base game. I don’t want to spend extra for VNAV.

FDS can’t rely on 3rd Party Apps to keep features up and running forever. They will add VNAV eventually, and those apps will have to find a new market. Which begs the question, will 3rd party apps even be necessary in the future? No, no they won’t. Except for flight planning apps.


Don’t forget about Flight Tracking apps as well such as LiveFlight. 100% Agree with you on this one! :)


I completely agree with @TheInitialVirus on this one. Even though I am a developer of FMC, VNAV would be much easier if it was built into IF. It will be added eventually. We’ll just have to move on! In my opinion, FMC is just a third party app that will be useful for a little while, but eventually will be if no use to IF pilots. When that time comes, we’ll probably have to shut down FMC because obviously IF will run us out of business. At least we’ll end up with some money from our sales before shutting down!

Jake :)


While that is 100% true, don’t you think that it is already possible for FDS to add VNAV? If third party apps can do it only using the API, why wouldn’t FDS do the same. It’s clearly possible, so why has FDS never mentioned anything about it before?
Could it be because they don’t want to drown out the third-party apps yet so they haven’t released it?

I’m not here to speculate what FDS has done or doesn’t have done. They know there are apps that add VNAV already, so they aren’t giving it priority currently. I’m saying eventually, they will add it. When that it is, I have no idea.


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