The Virtual Airline World Cup

Travel Sky!

Ok, I’ll add you in.

I suggest you limit it to only 5 members. It would make it fair!

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I’ll make the limit 7. I just don’t want it to be 1 person from each VA competing.

I don’t know about Paris … Not a lot of people have that region (I do, but still)

@Bluepanda900, you should limit it to people who have Live+.

Well if you have most of the planes and regions, you should be OK.

Yeah, I included it intentionally. Less nimrods.

Unfortunately my va cannot participate due to the lack of regions.

British airways va might attend

What regions don’t you have?

Ok, let me know if it’s official.

Some of our members don’t have paid regions, can we just do the event on free regions?

Yeah I think we’ll do that.

Seattle and London. I suggest having all regions used in competition be free

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Just fixed it. Would Emerald be interested in competing?

Yes, I will notify my crews immediately.

You’re in. Welcome!

WE will be using FREE regions only. The events will also be done on TS2. Both of these statements are final.