The Virtual Airline World Cup

@Bluepanda900 Presents…

The VA would be a small competition between virtual airlines. Similar to the Dogfight Madness competition, this will be done in a bracket format. It will be sudden death, so if you and your VA lose, it’s the end of the road. All events will be done in TS2, so that everyone can enjoy. Look below for the VA requirements, and round one of the competition.


  1. Each VA must have 5-7 people willing to participate.

  2. Each VA can use any aircraft from their fleet in the competitions

3.FOR SPECTATORS Please don’t troll or interfere with the events
4. No fighters allowed at the events. This will be a civilian aircraft competition only.
5. Have Fun 😀

List of competing VAs (the bracket will be made later, when we have an accurate estimate of the number of the VAs competing).

•Big Bear VA
•EasyJet Airlines
•British Airways
•United VA


##Competition #1
Why not start off the competition with a race? This is a classic race from KSFO (San Francisco) - KSJC (San Jose). Each VA will file a flight plan, which each member will follow throughout the flight. We will start the timer when the last member of the VA takes off from KSFO, and we’ll stop it when the last member of the VA lands at KSJC. Good luck! The date for this event is September 3rd at 1300Z.

Competition #2

PLEASE ONLY BRING 3 COMPETITORS FROM YOUR VA TO THIS EVENT As a tribute to the father of the 747, who passed recently, this event will be dedicated to him. This will be a parallel landing competition. Get into final approach into EHAM’s 36 L, C, and R runways in a 747 of your choice (all members of the VA should use the same variant), and land at the same time. You will be graded on the following out of 10…
•Landing Timing (did all members of the VA touch down at the same time)
• Overall landing by all participants of the VA
The second round will be on September 10th.

Who will win the World Cup?

  • Big Bear VA
  • Emerald Airways
  • Qantas Virtual
  • Qatar Virtual
  • AirSmall
  • United VA
  • EasyJet
  • British Airways

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##Camera and Livestream
@PlanesForLife’s IFO camera crew will be recording the events as well as @Bulba. Big thanks to them!

Security will be provided by the following organizations…

  • Infinite Flight Military
  • Infinite Flight Escort Services

Big thanks to @TheCuriousPilot for organizing security!

We still have open judge positions available! PM me if you’re interested in judging. These are the following judges…


Dates will be posted later, once we know how many VAs are competing.

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Very interesting. Cool idea!



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Well, you’d better like it lol. You helped organize it lol.

Just wondering will the milatary airlines have advantage because they have jets in their fleet ?

Me and @Thomas_Galvin just did it lol.

Are military planes allowed?

Yeah but above 40K feet fighters can go any speed

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Yeah fighters should not be allowed

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We at Big Bear VL suggest that the World Cup will be made on the weekends

Can confirm Big Bear Virtual Line L.C will participate

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NOTE: Fighters will not be allowed

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You’re added 😀

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What do you want to help with, @Liam_Kirk?

Thanks! I’ll contact him via PM.

@Aviationluver, I’m going for TSK!

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What does TSK stand for lol?