The Virtual Airline Crediblity Guide

That is a great idea!

@Bluepanda900 make you post a wiki so I can add stuff in when it gets approved


Website: [United Virtual] (
Forum: [United Virtual] (United Virtual | Release)

Fly The Friendly Skies!

I can only give one review per day at this time.

Please return during normal business hours. 🙂


Haha when Frontier Virtual gets its airline website back into shape we’ll post here

I am not sure the purpose of this thread is. A similar project had been tried a few months ago however failed.

If you are assessing the VA what are your qualifications to do so? Are you a member of one? Have you ever run one?

If people need to k ow which one to join then first step is to check out the VA database that @Alan_Perez co-ordinates. Very professional

[Old] Virtual Airlines Database

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This is very similar to what another individual did, they too decided to start certifying Virtual Airlines (or awarding them)… Now, I don’t mean to offend you in any way by saying this. But by the looks of it, no one has given you the proper authority to judge a Virtual Airline by the quality of their website or the features they offer and publicly share your opinion on what they offer.

Even the title is misleading, if you do think a Virtual Airline is of a high standard then why ‘reward’ them by requesting they put a stamp on their website (we’d never agree to this). Instead why don’t you perhaps look into commenting on Virtual Airlines (who want your opinion) and giving them feedback on what they could do to improve themselves or general positivity about them on this thread.


@Bluepanda900 this is better than some in the past, but you have no criteria or anything to mark them with. Therefore, I’d say only do VAs that want to be reviewed.


Ok. I think this is needed but the idea needs some work. There needs to be a criteria, and certified judges that aren’t biased to any parties, that will give a grade on a VA. This needs to be like A,B,C or D, where A would be for top marks in all categories and then B is almost as good etc. It would have to be only done to VA’s that want to be reviewed. Then if you review them, they maybe would have to put their rank on their website or something.

But it would be a really good system, as people could compare VA’s, and it would help stop random VA’s being created.

PM me if you need help with creating a graded criteria system, as I have some good ideas.


We do have a flight log and a ranking system, but the flight log is not public.

[Lion Air Virtual] (
Check it out please.

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Do check out IFSIAVA !

Feel free to PM me :)

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Approval denied. Please try again later.


Denied. Maybe some day.


Congratulations! I do not approve this VA.


VA denied.


How do you pronounce that VA name? Denied.


@AR_AR your amazing 😂😂😂


What… I’m sorry? :/

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I second these denials until Global is released.