The Views Across America

Here a few pictures from my flight in July from Newark To San Francisco. We were on our way to Hawaii so our first flight was EWR-SFO in a 757-200

image And by the way, everything from Newark To Denver is just boring fields but once you hit Denver, the views are spectacular for 2 hours until landing in SFO. Please let me know your thoughts!


Those are some great pictures! How was you’re flight?

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Wow those look nOicE!
I should try EWR-SFO in a United 752

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It was good but it was a long day

  1. We were supposed to be on a flight to LA at 11 but it got delayed until 12 (Not a big deal)
  2. After an hour we were able to find this flight to SFO but it was delayed so we’re barely going to miss our flight to PHKO from SFO
  3. We landed a ran to the gate of the flight to Kona in Hawaii (we barely made it)
  4. We landed 15 minutes after the flight from LA we were supposed to be on
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Except the 757 in Economy is TIGHT

Oof, that is loooooOoOoOooOoOoOong!

Wow hearing that I don’t wanna now lolololol…
Although that is true since I have experienced that lol,
I meant in IF.

This should be called The View Across Western America!

Nice photos though. Every time I fly from Cincinnati to the west coast I always know my eyes are in for a treat once we cross Denver over the Rocky Mountains.


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