“The Vanishing of Flight 370” - Documentary by LEMMiNO

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Yesterday evening I found one of my best Documentary Channels on Youtube Uploading a video in relation to Malaysia Airlines 370 disaster. In my opinion, this video is just one of the best rated Air Crash Investigation Documentary rated this year.

What I recommend you all to do is to sit back and relax while watching it. This guy has spent a great amount of time into his quality and the little aspects on this video. He deserves a little credit. Until this day, this disaster became a mystery for the last several years. Leaving the debris all around the Pacific Ocean, never to be found. What is your opinion after watching this video?

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Ill have a look right now as ive been interested in MH370

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Just watched it I still believe the captain was suicidal that’s just my theory the theory that he flew over his area where he was from and when his co pilot left to go to the toilet he locked him out of the cockpit cause of death hypoxia.


Yeah. Many predictions has been made in the past. It is unbelievable on how it all happened.

Its true
Oh sorry about that bottom portion. It’s just all truth


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