The Václav Havel Airport Flyout @ LKPR - 171430ZAUG19

About The Airport

Václav Havel Airport Prague is the largest and primary international airport of the Czech Repbulic. The airport consists of 4 terminals – 2 commercial & 2 general aviation. Additionally, there are two runways (06/24 and 12/30) at the airport.

In 2018, the airport served around 17 million passengers in 2018 and serves as a hub for Czech Airlines and Smartwings and is also a Ryanair base.

Source: Wikipedia

Event Information

Time: 2019-08-17T14:30:00Z
Server: Expert
Airport: Václav Havel Airport Prague - PRG/LKPR


Please spawn in 10 to 15 minutes prior to the scheduled event time. Departure runway and procedures will be given either here or by DM the day of/before the flyout. As the usual, Unicom will most likely be the primary source of comms, so please ulitize it in a professional manner.

You are responsible for your own flight plan and fuel. For help with that, I recommend using or #tutorials here on the IFC.

Sadly, not every livery is in IF, so you can either fly the Generic livery or an aircraft of similar size. However, Smartwings & CSA Czech Airlines do not have any liveries, so those gates have been replaced by airlines with liveries or the Generic livery.


Due to a lack of gates, not every route is available. However, if you’d like to change your destination, airline, or aircraft, just ask and I’ll get it changed for you.

Terminal 1
Pilot Destination Aircraft Airline Gate
@Suhas New York JFK (KJFK) B763 Delta G01
@clarencetheavgeek New York EWR (KEWR) B763 United G02
@Luke_Sta Philadelphia (KPHL) B763 American G03
Edinburgh (EGPH) A319/320 easyJet G04a
Tunis (DTTA) A319 Tunisair G05
Istanbul (LTFM) A321 Turkish G06
Tel Aviv (LLBG) B738 El Al G07
Doha (OTHH) A319/321 Qatar G09
Kiev (UKBB) B739 Ukraine Int’l G11
London (EGLL) A320 British Airways G13
@Altaria55 Dubai (OMDB) B77W Emirates G14
@Boris_Huang Dublin (EIDW) A320 Aer Lingus G15
Montreal (CYUL) B763 Air Canada G16
Terminal 2
Pilot Destination Aircraft Airline Gate
Stockholm (ESSA) B738 Norwegian G17
Brussels (EBBR) A319 Brussels Airlines G18
Zurich (LSZH) A319 SWISS G19
Frankfurt (EDDF) A320 Lufthansa G21
Rome (LIRF) B737 Smartwings G22A
Munich (EDDM) A319 Lufthansa G22B
@Pilot_urp Amsterdam (EHAM) B737/739 KLM G23
@Sebastian9915 Paris (LFPG) A319/320 Air France G24A
@Bld003 Rome (LIRF) A321 Alitalia G24B
Copenhagen (EKCH) B738 Norwegian G25
Lisbon (LPPT) A320 TAP Air Portugal G26
Helsinki (EFHK) A321 Finnair G27
Barcelona (LEBL) A320 Vueling G28
Madrid (LEMD) A321 Iberia G29
Milan (LIMC) B737 Smartwings G30
Malaga (LEMG) B738 Smartwings G31
Remote Gates
Pilot Destination Aircraft Airline Gate
Warsaw (EPWA) E170 LOT 50
Dusseldorf (EDDL) Q400 CSA Czech 51
Frankfurt (EDDF) Q400 CSA Czech 52
Venice (LIPZ) Q400 CSA Czech 53
London City (EGLC) E190 British Airways 54
Budapest (LHBP) Q400 CSA Czech 55
Munich (EDDM) CRJ9 Lufthansa 56
Ljubljana (LJLJ) CRJ7 Adria Airways 57
Doha (OTHH) B788 Qatar T06
Belgrade (LYBE) Q400 Air Serbia 60
Vienna (LOWW) Q400 Austrian 61
Riga (EVRA) Q400 Air Baltic 62
Vienna (LOWW) CRJ7 Adria Airways 63
Zagreb (LDZA) Q400 Croatia 64
@Matthew_20204 London Stansted (EGSS) B738 Ryanair 70
Lyon (LFLL) CRJ1000 HOP! 71
Gothenburg (ESGG) B738 Ryanair 72
Dusseldorf (EDDL) A319 Eurowings 73
Amsterdam (EHAM) E190 KLM 74
Luxembourg (ELLX) Q400 Luxair 75

General aviation gates at Terminal 3 & 4 can be added if necessary.

Hope to see y’all in Prague!

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Prague Airport Logo:


May I have KLM LKPR EHAM plz?

Sure thing! You’ve been added, see ya there!

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I’ll take remote gate 70

You’ve been added, see you at the event!

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For now I’ll take the AA 763 to KPHL. Thanks!

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Gate G01 please! See ya there!

G14, please.

@Altaria55 @Suhas You guys have been added, see y’all at the event!

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😑 someone stole the DL gate to JFK. Can I have an extra please?

Thank you

I’ll take gate G24A ty

@Delta319 I can put you into Remote Gate 58 as it can fit a 763.

@Sebastian9915 You’ve been added! See ya at the event!


Can I take gate G15?

You’ve been added, see ya at the event!

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Whoops apparently I have a doctor’s appointment at 10:15… Gonna have to drop out


Could i have A321 to Rome? Tks u.

No problem! You’ve been added, see ya at the event!

Just gonna bump this… Lots of open gates, Dubai with the 777, Montreal with the 763, many destinations to choose from!

It’s been some time since we got a sign-up! Get a gate today!