The V1 Blog (idea)

Hello there!

I’ve been a community member for many years and IF is a hobby of mine I am proud of although I think I’ve been a bit non-participative in the communal space we have here, so I’m going to start writing about my virtual journeys.

With the callsign ‘WHAM1’ I’ll be flying across the IF globe where I’ll be writing weekly posts about my virtual travels, provide tips and general comments about whatever comes to mind.

In essence I’ll be flying many interesting routes while sharing some screenshots, insightful facts about the terrain, location, aircraft and more along the way!

(I really don’t know where this will lead but I want to have some fun! I’d like to think of myself as a tour guide of the world)

(This could potentially be a huge failure but why not)

So here I picture myself now on Dragon’s Den (or Shark Tank for my American colleagues) asking anyone who reads this if it is something they would tune into on a Tuesday evening with a cuppa’ or a cold one. (I am open to suggestions too) I’d like to create something casual, imagine Frasier’s psychology radio show… that… but in written form, with no callers or anything like that 😂.

Thanks for reading!

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