The Usage of Logo Lights

I went spotting at night today and noticed that some aircraft had logo lights on and some didn’t. For instance an American Airlines 737 that flew over with its logo lights on, but another American Airlines 737 flew over without logo lights on. So I was super confused on why some did and some others didn’t. If anyone knows why, a response would be appreciated. (Ive noticed this happen with a lot of other aircraft as well by the way)

These lights are turned on to increase visibility from other aircraft around them, especially during night. These lights are optional, and if the airport is not very busy, these lights aren’t needed.

A simple Google search found the answer :)

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thank you.
Also I tried to search this on google beforehand and nothing came up to help me, what did you search?

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I am trying to find the tab through my history but I can’t find it.

Search up:

Why are tail lights on aircraft used?

And I pressed one of the questions below, and the answer popped up.

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There we go, I found the answer :)
I guess using “logo lights” is too complicated for google hahah

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Not sure if this is correct but the AA planes that fly into my station at night tend to have the logo light on. Like people said above I’m sure it’s used for extra visibility and for rampers to see there planes coming

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Also what you may have saw is some of the aircraft simply had burned out logo lights. It’s a big problem because they are usually turned off & on a lot more due to pilots discretion.

It became so much of a problem with those bulbs burning out that some airlines pretty much told their pilots to keep them on all the time.

Source: Worked ramp and my airline said to leave logo lights on at all times because mechanics got tired of replacing them all the time. Not necessarily a crucial light to have in operation.

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that’s pretty cool to know, thanks for sharing!

No problem. Those lights are really bright and burn hot 🔥. So switching them on and off all the time just reduces the bulb life dramatically.

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