The Us Air Force

So I was flying the A-10 and it is fun to fly it is very realistic. But then I went to fly the F-18 and C-17 and as much as I like the improvements to the 777 and the new A350 I would really like to see improvements to the F-18 and C-17 like afterburners and an opening canopy and other features on The F-18. As for the C-17 I would like it to have open ramps and paratroop doors like the C-130 as well as a realistic flight deck and cargo hold and improvements to the flaps,landing gear, spoilers and reverse thrust on both aircraft please vote if you want to see improvements to the C-17 and F-18

Hi and thanks for your post. Please head over to #features to vote for reworks and new features in the app. I provided some topics below:

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