The updated auto-pilot is worse than before

ever since the update to the autopilot, it doesn’t feel smoother, it seems like the turns are more abrupt than before and the autopilot seems to make the plane rock from side to side more often when turning

I’m a little confused is like when u are at cruise altitude and the plane rocks back and forth cuz that is turbulence mostly

I don’t think he’s talking about turbulence, because I can actually say that I also sometimes now experience what he is explaining.
The autopilot does in fact seem to sometimes be more aggressive than before, though for me only in certain aircraft.

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same here for some aircraft!

I’m not talking about turbulence but even now as I’m doing a flight if I switch off the LNAV off turnn it beck on again with in a second the plane will stay straight for a second then rock a little from side to side until stabilizing itself, this never used to happen with the old auto-pilot


You could simply be feeling this on certain aircraft who haven’t gotten the Autopilot update because the newly updated planes have gotten smoother, and not the other way around.

In other words, because the newly updated aircraft (like the A330, B777, B757, etc) have smoother autopilot transitions, the not-updated aircraft (like B787s, A380, CRJs) may seem more abrupt even though the autopilot transitory-smoothness of these aircraft are unchanged.

what about the a350

The A350 is not within that list because smoother autopilot transitions were introduced from aircraft updated in 20.1 and beyond (the A350 was launched in 19.4)

This is actually not quite true.

I have not experienced what the OP is talking about, but 21.4 included an LNAV improvement that specifically makes the autopilot handle sharp turns much better than in the past. This applies to all aircraft. I just tested it on the A350 and it does not overshoot waypoints on 90 degree turns any longer.

This is due to the fact that the LNAV now begins turns at a greater distance given the relative-sharpness of the turn.

However, it can be still thrown off based on how fast the aircraft is going. For example, a relatively sharp turn with a low airspeed is handled fine, but at higher altitudes/speeds during cruise, it still tends to overshoot.

Although I’m unsure of whether this is present on all aircraft, I have experienced what the OP is talking about, even on the A330 with tight turns (>= 75 degrees)

Fair enough, I was just making the point that the update applied to all aircraft and not just ones from 20.1 onward

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