The update.

On the update it said that they added built in video recording but I don’t know how to do it. Can someone please tell me how to do this. It also said that they were adding joystick /gamepad/keyboard/mouse support how can you use a joystick with a tablet?

by connecting your tablet and your joystick to PC.

for the suite, i dont know.

Thanks one other thing, what is Infinite flight connect API

That’s not right is it. Its just plug and play for peripherals @carmalonso

What are peripherals? And what is Infinite flight connect API? @Makeaflightforfun

Video recording is only available on > Android 5.0 (and only on some devices). You can enable it via the Pause menu. If you can’t see the button, or it gives an error, then your device isn’t supported and nothing can be done other than to use a third party screen recorder at this time.

You can connect your joystick via a USB OTG cable. View this guide for more information:

The Connect API allows for developers to build third party tools around IF. I’m working on something which will allow you to use a joystick plugged in via your PC to control Infinite Flight.

Hope this helps :)

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Thanks that helps a lot :)

Better work spot on for IOS as I’ve just bought the stick in anticipation for true simulation nerdiness haha

Man, it’s pretty neat, it should work fine for ya ;)

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Thanks for all the hard work buddy. The Logitech and lighting cable are on the way first class post 😁 . I’ll be honest this is a development I never saw coming

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I didn’t think there would be so much demand for it. I’d built it as a proof of concept but looks like I’ll have to take this on board a bit more now haha!

I think its because as the sim is coming on and becoming a rival (slowly) to the likes of FSX, the next step is this kind of control base. The tilt is good but this for accuracy should be immense for turbulent landings and climb out accuracy in winds. There’s a great fanbase on here if the devs listen to the more coherent and adult suggestions and take heed of the recurring ideas it could really go massive.

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I’ve got a samsung galaxy tab 4 7.0 if I get the joystick that you have got and I’ve also got a small keyboard. What else do I need and will it work.

USB OTG cable, or a PC/Mac. If your keyboard is bluetooth/usb otg, connect it up to your device :)

wait,wait,wait, the built-in game screen recorder is only for android???

Yes - please read the pinned update post.

But, why? lots of people use apple to? will apple users eventually be able to use joysticks and the screen recorder?

Joysticks will soon by supported via a third party tool on PC/Mac (there’s no way to plug a joystick into an iPad). Video recording will come later - there were issues with recording on iOS at this time.

For now yes