The Unruly Pilots of IF

I was controlling SanFran Tower and barely anyone knew what to do.People tried to take of at wrong points of the runway and people took off on the taxi way.

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What server was this?

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I bet is Training Server which used to be PG.




Don’t complain about the training servers. If you want a more strict and realistic experience, join the IFATC so you can control on the expert server.


I feel your pain! Some pilots just don’t comply. I think there should be some sort of ATC menu for situations like this.

ATC: Pushback is approved expect Runway 25L…no no no I said Runway 25L! Oh so you going to taxi across runway 25L without a taxi clearance and OUCH that collision looked painful. Oh somehow managing to limp along to Runway 25R? I see how it is just keep going just keep going! (NEWCOMMAND): "Pilot please quit being an utter moron and follow instructions!

ATC: Runway 24L is approved for landing number one! What in the world are you doing? Gonna fly into 24R? Can you read letters? I clearly said Runway 24L…LOOKOUT THERES AN AIRCRAFT ON THE…okay okay fine you just caused hundreds of deaths and…I give up!
(NEWCOMMAND): “Pilots please learn your ABC’s”

ATC: Southwest 508 you are clears to taxi to Runway 07. Uh please give way to aircraft ahead…no STOP! Ouch (peaks form behind fingers) let’s pray all those souls on board don’t suffer because of your impatience.
(NEWCOMMAND): “How did you get your lisence?”


I would but I think I need a bit more practice.

Dude don’t yell at the training ATC! They need to practice in the training servers before they can move up to IFATC!

I’m not yelling. I’m just saying not to complain about it. Things like this can happen because there is not ability to ghost so it’s like a big free for all.

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If Infinite Flight had an explosion effect, LAX and SAN would be filled with them. RIP people who tend to lag on IF Live too


Yes rip rip rip! KLAX and KNUC and KSAN would be one giant fireball too

Yep, once the NTSB finishes investigating a crash, they have to investigate another.

It’s a never ending job.

Let say a nuke.The whole of SoCal will be one Crater.

Well after the imports are nuked pilots land in the housing place…lol then yes SoCal would be a crater and wow that would be interesting

OK,Time for Practice
#RIP NismoKits

Attempted LAX Tower,Complete Fail.

Comparing LAX to HAF, I think I rather choose HAF to watch crazy pilots crash

Training Server 1. Quickly becoming our own hive of bandits and tyranny.
The levels of traffic are insane. Where have they all come from?!?!

The crazy pilots are probably the reason why California may have that huge earthquake in less than 100 years.

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