The unprofessional atc

This approach atc was very rude and threatening to report.
I left my starting airport I checked into approach and was told to climb at discretion.
I was 50 miles out and was trolled by a jet . The atc said nothing to the jet.
Yet on my approach I told the atc that I was on vfr. He then threatened me and told me to go around and leave my approach. I did that then when I was back on final 10 miles out he told me instructions and then left me to drift off my flight path to the airport. He then tells me again to turn around. Then he logs off or gets a disconnect and upon his return he called for me to change to his frequency when I was 10ft from landing he made me crash. This is very unprofessional and if you’re going to be on an expert server then you should expect expert ATC

You can contact the controller to address this issue privately and respectfully. There is no need to create a public Topic.


Hello, please contact @Ketan_Sanghvi privately through PM to sort this out. He can explain his reasoning and why you were warned and what happened. If you were reported, you can contact @appeals and they’ll help you out.

And to be clear, these are expert server controllers. They’re trained and are held accountable if they make mistakes. Please be sure to be respectful to the controllers as you may not see something they see as a reason for what happened. Thanks!

Please contract the controller directly and if needed you can add @moderators to your PM. Thanks!