The Unposted pictures (Gatwick to Dublin)

I found a few more pictures on my computer photos I took quite recently on a flight from London Gatwick to Dublin which I haven’t posted. So here they are (the order keeps changing for some reason)

The 737 donated by Ryanair to the Dublin airport firefighters

An Iberia express in what I call the “dull livery”
The BA hanger at Gatwick

An Air Contractors 737 (Air contractors=Irish aircraft leasing company)

An Aer Lingus a320

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A 737 is an expensive Christmas present. Still, a good cause.

It was Ryanair, so they had to take the engines off😄.



Any airline does that. Biman needed the DC-10 engines so S2-ACR was scrapped. Qantas needed some of VH-OJA’s engines so now the plane sits short an engine or two.

It is a waste to let working engines with some life left in them sit around on museum display. More economical for the company to yank off the timed out engines and replace them with timed out engines or not donate engines at all.

Also, why would firefighters need engines on the plane?

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I was only joking,
It would be almost impossible and also slightly unpredictable and dangerous to simulate an engine fire with a real engine, most firefighting training teams use empty metal cylinders which they fill with flammable materials. As I’ve said before I’m actually a big fan of Ryanair and I fly with them very often.

Nice I wish I knew how to post photos I have good amount of photos I’d love to share

Get a flickr, imgur, or instagram. Post photos there then post ljnks here

Ah OK I’ll use my instagram