The unofficial Infinite Flight ATC quiz

Well I did practice ATC on Playground A LOT (while trying to guide inexperienced pilots). Was a great experience, plus I read through most of the tutorials. @epaga great quiz and thanks very much for making it, but maybe you could specify some of the questions more clearly. From a bit of research some of the questions could have 2 suitable answers :-)

Haha I got the same score.

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Which ones?

Very minor things, such as Q3. You might need to contact the tower again if staying in the airspace, Q5. It depends on your situation (airport setup, traffic etc.), Q7. A passenger jet of what size? - regulations are quite vague on this, Q9. Depends on traffic/airport and what you are intending to do, Q11. Depends on traffic, Q12. Depends on your intentions/other commands given, Q13. Is a bit vague in terms of rules/traffic/airport setup. They don’t really need fixing but we’re just little things I picked up. Sorry for being picky 😉

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Not bad for one who doesn’t know anything about ATC.

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Was half asleep after getting like 4 hours of sleep and got a 79% then I realized what I got woke up and got a 93% great quiz although I got ghosted on my first advanced flight and haven’t been close to it again since so 🙃

Wait a second, I thought line up and wait meant proceed full throttle onto the runway, tip your aircraft over onto it’s wing, run through the grass and mow down a few other aircrafts in the process.

I have been doing it all wrong.


It also means a free ticket back to feeding @Mark_Denton 's goat in SoCal TS1 😉


@epaga Just an FYI…this question is wrong…What height should I normally fly a pattern in a passenger jet unless instructed otherwise?
Your answer:
1500 AGL (above ground level) Wrong Incorrect
Correct answer:
2500 AGL (above ground level)

It is usually 1500feet AGL


Great quiz. I’m ashamed to admit that I missed one VERY easy question. I was picturing the RWY incorrectly in my head. Meh. Otherwise thanks for taking the time to do this!

Please expedite means to exit the runway

Tests like this would not encourage learning in the bulk of new T3 fliers. It would encourage the gaming of the test and the development of narrow attitudes to flying. A new pilot wanting access to the “real” server isn’t going to take six months to study FAR/AIM. He’s going to look up the answers to the questions he’s being asked in the moment, pass, and continue making his 787 flight to KNUC.

There are structural problems with the game that permit ignorant and malicious pilots to join the server. The best tool we have at the moment is the same tool every other game has - temporary bans. I don’t see a major change happening until the developer is willing to turn bad pilots away from the paid game completely.

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*Developers, Laura and Philippe.

You lost me

The correct answer should be 1500AGL for jets is what i’m saying. The your answer part is my answer and the correct answer is shown as correct answer. Better??


Good job. I think everyone agrees on adding a knowledge test. Hopefully we can get some feedback from administrators in the near future and get a plan together so that we, as pilots, can build a better community and live experience.

This reminds me of…

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Hmmm, I thought it was 1000 feet for fixed wing, 1500 for turbojets, and 2500 for passenger jets? But I can’t remember where I heard that, I thought it was in one of Mark’s YouTube tutorials. But I may be remembering wrong. Thanks.

If I do a v2.0 I think I’ll just drop that question entirely since it is definitely a low priority question since in Infinite Flight it seems pattern altitudes are often left at the discretion of the pilot.

@epaga is correct.1000ft is the standard for GA, 1500-2000ft (primarily 1500ft) for jets. This is partly because of noise abatement protocols


I… I got %43 😭