The unofficial Infinite Flight ATC quiz

I… I got %43 😭

Yeah I got the one wrong about when to call base, I hadn’t read the question, I was already cleared. It’s good though, this is useful


I… I got %50

Great test!
You did make one mistake though.
Question number 9.
Pattern altitude is 1500 AGL and not 2500.

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I was about to ask the same thing having just done the quiz - where has 2500ft AGL for pattern come from? It is usually 1500ft AGL as noted here.


And here:


@Mats_Edvin_Aaro it might be that in Europe but in the US it’s 1500 AGL for all jets including passenger jets.

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Maybe just Norway? It is usually 1500ft AGL in the UK too.

Some noise abatement procedures forces it to be 2000ft, but the standard is 1500ft


Got a 93% as well

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@ezio_Bortot and @Davidson2000 do this quiz! 😂👍🏻

86% I got confused with one of the pattern questions. I added 90 degrees instead of subtracting. Also missed the pattern altitude.

That’s what I thought.

86% for me was pretty good, but I’m pretty sure it’s 1500AGL

You guys need to start reading books with the facts in them. It’s starting to get annoying with everyone always giving the wrong information. The FAR/AIM and the FAA website is the only place you’re going to get accurate information 100% of the time for the U.S.!OpenDocument

The standard traffic pattern altitude is 1,000ft above the airport’s surface elevation. Jets and heavy airplanes generally fly higher in the pattern, but it is not required. No standard altitude nor recommended altitude is given for jets or heavy airplanes.

To add to this, the airport facility directory has the pattern altitude listed in it for every airport. You go off of what the AFD says, not what you think it should be. Even though standard is 1,000ft above the airport, an airport might require a pattern at 2,000ft above the airport because of towers in the area. Please, read and post the facts, not opinions.


lol I’m grade 3 with 51,000 XP and I still got 3 wrong😂. I must have not been thinking😳🤔

Just did it. I got a 10/14. Not too bad.

79%. I think I did pretty well for myself.

Great quiz!i get 100% 💪

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