The unique way KPIT can afford all those subsidies

KPIT is an amazing airport, I am sure you all already knew this, so is Pittsburgh which I am sure you also knew. But there is something really cool happening at Pittsburgh International Airport you may not have known about. Pittsburgh has always been a mega for Coal and Natural Gas. Under Mt. Washington (once called Coal Hill) a hill that overlooks downtown is what has been judged to be The Most Valuable Single Mineral Deposit in the Nation now it was mined out a far back as the 1760 ish when the French had just moved out, so it is worth little today, but that should show you just how rich in natural resources we are here. Pittsburgh has always been deep in Coal, and Steel, wich made us one of the most polluted cities ever. Now we have been ranked the most livable city in Mainland US, second in all of use and top 30 in the world. Now that I have set up how much of a mega in Coal and natural gas the reagon I can tell you about the airport. As you may have guessed at this point they have been hydraulic fracturing (more commonly called fracking) on airport property for a little while now. The airport sits on enough natural gas to Power the whole state of PA for a year and a half! They made a deal with Consol Energy, wich excluded $46 million upfront, and up to 20 million a year. Consider that their operating budget is about 100 million. That’s a big deal, that means that they can afford to rake out subsidies for airlines. Like the nearly 1 million for the China Charters 800 thousand for WOW, 500 thousand for Alaska and Condor, and 1.5 million for Qatar Cargo, and a few others. The Airport also plans to develop parts of the property outside the airport grounds to make some money there, and they already get money from some developed business parks on the property, and actually Dick’s Sporting Goods has there main HQ there. That building is actually connected to a private hanger just for them at the airport. (Called “North GA hanger” in IF) They also have one of the highest retail spending rates most airports have 5-7 dollars per person KPIT is doing 14. Just some interesting stuff, here’s a link to some articles that detail this.

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So they are going to pay airlines to use the airport? Are customers of these airlines going to notice in decrease in ticketing prices from these subs? Im just curious why these airlines need these subs if Pit is ranked so high on these surveys? Those out in middle America know how fracking goes… do you guys up there feel the tremors from fracking?

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Love your dedication to KPIT, always nice to learn something new about it when you post. Keep’em coming.

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They may see that, the bigger idea is too show a airlines it is economically feasible, but to give them a buffer to encourage them to take the risk. And no w don’t feel it, fracking is nothing new around here. Because of the Coal mines you actually have to get subsidence insurance in some neighborhoods around here…

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Nice little info about KPIT
I should be doing these kinda things on KCLT

I don’t know if they have that much natural gas below them. Actually DFW does this too, but them make 650K a year so significantly less…

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I suppose I could also add that government run airports arnt going for a profit, those flights have an echnomic impact on the region…

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