The underrated Airline

Today was a special day, today I have officially my summer holiday🎉🎉.
So time for screenshot topics, expect some more because I’m finally free

Anyways, where were we? Ah, yes… today i flew LSZH-LDZA with the Croatia A319.
I made these pics for the Croatia Virtual that is currently in approval process.
The route was very scenic with mostly Alps and some fog

Flight details

Croatia Airlines a319-100
Around 1 hour of flight time

A lovely SID at Zurich, departing from runway 28

Banking above the Alps

Kind of a failed moonshot, at least the moon is in it😅

Hope you enjoyed these :)
Bye bye😄


Great pictures! What are you talking about? That’s a fantastic moonshot

Thank you :)

Nice shots! I didn’t even know this livery existed lol

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Yeah, it’s quite underrated

Stunning! I love the livery.

I believe I saw you flying this route when I flew LIPE-LRCL. Lovely to see how it went

I think it’s kinda white…

@Lucas_Piedra yeah I saw you, with your shiny grade 5 badge 😜

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Agreed! Croatian have such awesome routes, and the livery is just 😍

REAL GOOD PICS love that livery C:

Founder | Blake

Such a clean livery, nice pictures mate :)

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I’m not a big fan of the livery, but it’s nice

Thanks for the feedback y’all😊

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Stunning shots!! Really cool pictures of an absolutely lovely route. I hope your flight was as good as those pictures are!

100% true ;)

Thanks for sharing!

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The flight was nice
Had a few stalls during climb, a few stalls on final and a bumpy landing.
But I arrived and lived to tell the tale :)

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Those are amazing shots! And yeah I agree, I quite like the livery. Sad that nobody really uses it though :(

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it ;)

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That’s the right mindset ;)

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Mate looks amazing. Croatia definitely an underrated place!

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No one flies to Croatia unless it’s featured. I literally saw 0 people there

I do ;) Absolutely beautiful country. Went to Rijeka in IF recently, and it didn’t disappoint. Split is always great too!

But you’re absolutely right, the whole region is rather empty in IF apart from overflights most of the time.