The Unbelievable Beauty of Antarctica

The Unbelievable Beauty of Antarctica

Last night, I decided to finally do a little flight I’ve been planning on doing ever since the release of the Global Scenery update. My route would take me from Port Elizabeth (FAPE) in South Africa to Auckland (NZAA) in New Zealand. But it wouldn’t be a boring flight over the ocean. No, I wanted to visit some of the most remote places on earth.

And so I took my K-10 and started a 16.5h journey where I got to enjoy some of the most stunning landscapes I’ve ever seen.

1. Prince Edward Islands

Marion Island

2. Iles Crozet

Île aux Cochons

Île de la Possesion

Île de l‘Est

3. French Southern and Antarctic Lands

4. Heard and McDonald Island

I hope that I’ll be lucky enough to get to visit those places in real life during my time on this planet. The remoteness, the extreme and the beauty of those islands are just fascinating. And if you ever looking for a not so usual flight in IF: There’s a lot to discover in Antarctica.

Take care!


Wow very cool! The scenery is really good


Those are some stunning pictures! The scenery looks beautiful!

Wow what a great idea! I especially love the French and Southern Antarctic Lands. This is something that I love about Infinite Flight. It has let me explore so many new places in the world that I wouldn’t have without it!

Wow very nice, looks awesome never been over there👍🏽🤩

amazing really nice pics mate

Amazing. The difference between blue and white. I hope I can go one day too.

Beautiful. Find Bouvet Island next.

I’m always looking to find the most beautiful places on IF. This has just been added to my list. I’ll definitely be planning to fly here in the next couple of weeks

Since that scenery was updated and magically became HD, these look so awesome! Antarctica was so plain and boring when I flew there before the scenery update, I certainly will fly there now. Amazing photos here!

This looks so cool! Isn’t nice exploring new areas!?

Can’t wait till the day Antarctica and the far north get actually ground graphics and army flat but this is great

Nice pictures I loved that, what is the setting on your phone to have this resolution.

It’s an iPad Pro 10.5 from 2017 and all settings on high. Just cropped most of them to a 16:9 format because I thought it looked better 😆


Oh, I think I saw you yesterday before the app crashed. Anyways, beautiful pictures! Hope you enjoyed your flight.

Ive made the South Pole trip from Argentina before but never from this side. Really neat shots here!!

It’s been more than two years 😊