The ultimate 787 race! - @ KLAX - 132140ZAUG16

Server: Casual

Region: SoCal

Airport: KLAX

Time: 2115Z

NOTAM: Bring your favorite Boeing 787 to KLAX then come race to KNUC! To honor the new 787 ! Just for fun!

Hello guys. After my Carribean race the last year and just finish de Laura SoCal race, i Will invite all of you going to my race event !

We will spawn at KLAX RWY25L then fly to KNUC RWY24. Only goal, FUN.

I really hope to see a lot of community members here ! Just tired to make events where nobody came…

###Hope to see you at KLAX RWY25L Casual Server - at 2100Z Saturday August 13!


I’ll come in a Royal Jordanian 787, callsign SWAPWLA, and is the race to KNUC in air, or do you have to land at NUC?

Anyone would come?

The first to hit KNUC waypoint by landing or flying won :)

What time is this Central European Summer Time?

Its zûlu +2

When is it in tunis? Ii will be there in my 787 norwegian

I’ll be there in a Virgin 789, Call Sign: Virgin 1 Heavy

I’ll be there in a Jetstar 787-8

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Okay who comes?

Important information:

How long is that?

We start in 1h and 5 minutes.

I dont have all the Time now. Sorry
I was with my band all the evening and i Will race with all of you in 45 minutes

Has it started?

Some one can come now?

I’m coming

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Sorry have just forget the hour ^^

3 People did it before it started including me. I won

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Anyone ready for another one ?

I am. Pretty much everyone left