The U.S.S Andrew C. Sonkin

NCC-8106, U.S.S Andrew C. Sonkin is the 7th Airbus A350-900 delivered to KLM and it wears my name! I would prefer it to be on a 777 though but I can’t complain. Taken today at 5:10PM at KPAE!

Photo edited by Lightroom and Microsoft paint.


You get an award for using MS Paint. 🥇

Great job on that edit, looks really cool!


Shame that the livery doesn’t exist IRL - it looks really neat. Air France gets all the 350s while KLM sticks with the 787.

Beautiful pic!

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Should probably have Art add this to the aircraft inventory. Would love to fly it, @Andrewsonkin 😂
Love it anyhow!

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I have to say it, but Airbus at a Boeing factory???

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SkyFleet Charter.

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A350 at KPAE?
Okay 😂

Nice Job…

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