The Two Year Ghost Record

Is it just me or does TWO YEARS seem a little harsh? Personally I think the furthest back ghosts should set you back is One to Two Months. If I want to be grade 4, but I had 6 violations in the last two years, well. Good luck trying to get that green tag.

Message your thoughts, but keep it civil

I’m pretty sure it’s one year for 5 and two for 10… I think that’s plenty. If you get five ghosts in the last year you are doing something wrong.


What do you mean 2 years for one ghost has something changed?

Thats how the system works. If you get reported, that means that you should practice you skills and check the tutorials. 5 reports within 1 year…you should fly on Training Server

Yeah, but still. If you make a mistake you are held accountable for two years. People learn, make mistakes, in that time, but because of the new system, you won’t be able to show it.

And also you dont get reported becuais your landing was above -500 FPM, or you were 200ft too low you your 15 mile final, you get reported for buzzing an airport in an F22 or plowing through people on the taxi way…


Ofcourse everyone can make mistakes. But not being allowed to fly on ES, means that you had made 5 mistakes in a short period

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I’m talking about the two year grade ghost system, not being able to fly on expert server

And not small ones, eaven for a little bit of miss following of instructions most controllers would rather PM you I feel…

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No, if you make five mistakes. If you screw up five times it means you aren’t learning anything and should be held accountable.


If you’ve got yourself 5 ghosts… If you got them in a short period of time then i don’t think you should be flying on Expert…

I mean shouldn’t one learn from their first report of what mistake they’ve done. Going for a 5 report streak is well TS level of flying and you will not get reported unless you for repeated times do something that is against the rules or fly a fighter straight into the busy traffic of FNF at 800kts…

If you have learned the basics of flying, taken a look at the tutorial videos, know the rules of surrounding area and know how to handle the aircraft you are flying then you should be fine on Expert. Follow ATC instructions/commands and you’ll be fine. Honestly not to be rude but i don’t understand how one may get reported to begin with… unless you’re a troll…

I’ve never accumulated any but it is understandable that some might get 1 or 2 ghosts within 1 year or 2 buuuut 5, woow. If you gain 5 reports in less then a year then you may as well stick to TS.

Thanks for the feedback! Not likely that we’ll lower it though :)