The Turquoise Waters of Miami Beach to the Jungles of the Andes Mountains

Miami to Quito

So a few days ago, many South American airports were featured, including Quito (SEQM). Quito is the capital of Ecuador and has flights operated by American to Dallas. I was in Miami for my career mode for @AmericanVirtual. This is my second post to raise awareness for the 757, (the first one was awful so we will act like I never made that). The 757 is such an amazing plane, but it’s not great in Infinite Flight. Please consider dropping a vote Here for the rework. Many airlines, including American will be retiring 757s in the coming months and years, so soon enough, the 757 will be left in the dust, and we will never get to experience how great it is, in Infinite Flight. Quito located in the middle of the Andes mountains has. A stunning approach, especially to runway 36, it is a circling approach where you overlay the city making for some amazing views (I put the chart in the “Flight Details”). American flew this route with 757, before everything happened. Now the A319 is used. I tried using some new angles, but as I’m sure you know, the 757 is not very photogenic in-game, so we will see how it looks. Flight time was 4 hours 16 minutes.

Flight Details

AAVA (American) 643
Boeing 757-200
@JulianB @Philippe_Gilbert

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Putting the gear up as we do a very steep climb out of Miami off of runway 12 Ascending over Miami Beach and the east coast of the Floridian Peninsula Climbing over the turquoise waters of the paradise of the Bahamas A full moon as we fly south through the Caribbean Sea The volcanoes of the Andes mountains in Southern Colombia The green jungles and high peaks of South America Overflying Quito on the stunningly amazing approach to runway 36 The gear go down as the sun sets in the West An amazingly bad touchdown in the capital of Ecuador almost 8,000 feet above Sea level!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

At more than 9,000 feet above sea level, Quito is the 2nd highest National Capital in the world, which capital has a higher elevation?

  • Washington D.C., USA
  • Katmandu, Nepal
  • La Paz, Bolivia

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If you have any interesting 757 routes for ANY airline, please tell me because I want to start posting more 757s!


Turquoise waters are so beautiful I always take screenshots. There are so many on the approach to Nassau Runway 14.

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Nice photos! A 757 route I would recommend is definitely MSP-ANC with Delta, incredibly scenic!


Thanks for flying to the capital of my home country! Nice to see you flew the 36 approach. Quito has some lovely scenery since its right in the middle of the Andes.


The 757 is a great aircraft! I can’t land it though. Great shots as normal!

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I flew over the arctic area and I got breath taking screen shots I was also going to MSP

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Awesome photos as always.

Icelandair operated Reykjavik to Vancouver using a 757 before it was suspended. Should be a scenic route.


Great shots as always, love the 757! 🙌🏽

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I can land the 757 but it is a challenging plane but the cockpit view with hud just makes me butter because of me being able to see the yoke.

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Amazing shots as always Noah, that 757 really needs a rework!

Amazing pictures once again:)


You make the 757 look good in these pictures! Awesome!

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Clears throat

Nice pics tho!

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The new airport’s approach is insane and amazing already and the old ones was even more so from all I heard. You make the B757 look good even though it definitely needs a rework!

The scenery featured is also stunning.

If you’re looking for B757 routes, probably have a look at Condor’s route map as most destinations are really beautiful and they normally fly the B757 on medium haul from FRA, DUS, MUC and HAM.

Thanks for sharing!

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Hmmm. I like very much. Those mountains look amazing. Nice work.

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@Infinite_Pro I love turquoise waters too! It’s why I love flying around the Caribbean and Bahamas
@snoman thanks! That’s a good route I should try, maybe in a week or two you’ll see it :)

@Lucas_Piedra it’s an incredibly scenic area! I love the Andes and South America

@Sashaz55 I don’t think anyone can, my VS was in the -600s 💀

Thanks a lot @Ishrion! That’s definitely a good one, I was thinking about Reykjavik to Vancouver, Seattle or even Portland

@Armani_B @Rian16 thanks a lot guys 😊

@Joseph007 I had to cruise at 45,000 feet but it worked 😂

@SimCaptain shhhhh I changed it lmao 😆

@KindaTartySliceOfPie thanks! I love the Andes too


Thanks so much Julian! I had to cruise at 45,000 feet and I used about 7 hours of fuel on a 4 hour flight, but it worked. And Quito is amaaaazing, I would definitely recommend flying in. Thanks for the route suggestions too! Definitely some good ones to look at

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Amazing pictures! Recently I did KSEA-PHNL on a 757. 4.0 hours of pure ocean+boredom but then seeing the majestic Hawaiian mountains. Overall a cool flight! You should check it out!

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Although, I’m sure you are familiar with the 757s handling characteristics, but just a heads up: you are going to need to fuel up for 8 hours. Seriously, my flight time was 4.5 hours, but I landed with less than 45 minutes left in the tanks. I loaded up for 7. Just don’t want any wasted time on anyone’s hands!

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The only reason why I love the 757 is because of its ability of doing a rocket climb! Great shots!

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Wow! This route I must try.

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