The TUIfly 737-800 Haribo Livery (Gummy bears)

-> The TUIfly 737-800 Haribo Livery’s <-

TUIfly is a German holiday airline. They mainly use the Boing 737-700 and the Boing 737-800 as aircraft. Infinite Flight already has this livery. But TUI consists of different parts. These different parts all come from other countries. That’s why they all have a different flag on the back of the plane. It would be so nice to have a German TUI machine too. And the most beautiful and coolest livery from TUIfly Germany is the Haribo machine. It gives them in blue and gold. Which color do you prefer? I think the picture is worth a thousand words.

Ok, then I delete one

there is also German TUIfly on the 737-700 and the -800 I believe, the Yellow one :) this livery is cool indeed

But this Livery didn’t fly anymore in Reallife…

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I think it’s a great idea, but Infiniteflight might run into copyright issues, as Haribo is a gummy bear franchise.

No, I agree with you, I’m not a fan of the old liveries. But, there are already many old aircraft/liveries in the sim already, so, I guess one more won’t hurt. But, I definitely agree that
A: this is a great livery 😊😍
B: it does slightly lessen the realism

I agree with @Aviator_Ace - this is a cool livery but the devs may not be able to add it due to copyright issues - like the ANA Star Wars liveries and the various Disney-style liveries we see around.

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ooh. That is quite frankly a horrible livery.

It is although a good idea to add more un-copyrighted liveries though!

For me personally, it’s not about Livery. I would just like to have a German TUIfly machine in the game …

I think it depends on the company. IF Managed to add Sea World. Haribo may be more lineant you never know 🙃

It’s not just about the Haribo … There are so many other special liverys.