The Tui UK Max-8 finally moving

Today, G-TUMF has finally moved from Tenerife Sur after 18 months parked there. She was stored there ever since the UK CAA banned Max-8s in their airspace.

It is currently airbourne as I type from Malaga. She is going via Malaga for fuel as it can only cruise slow and at 18,000ft.

Rumours going round saying she is due in to Birmingham (BHX/EGBB) for attention by STS.

Max-8s at Manchester

All have been removed from Taxiway Julliet near Julliet 1 and parked at the Stand 900s (Behind the new T2 pier). These are also expected to be flying to Birmingham in the near future for attention with STS aswell


Why though?

Has to be below Flaps 1 limit so it can cruise with them down. Has somethin with disabling MCAS


Oh ok. Fair enough!

I imagine it’s because flaps is it’s distinguishing point for take off and landing and I believe MCAS is disabled in those phases.


About to pass FL100 for Runway 33 at the moment

Will be landing behind the Ryanair 738 from Katowice

On final now. Ryanair has vacated

Parked on Stand 84L as STS still has 2 Flybe aircraft outside if rumours of it going there true

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Thank you for the updates. This must behave been a huge mess in getting the clearances as it took ages until the plane was finally moved back to the UK. It will be much easier to manage it (be it by TUI or STS) when it’s together with the other planes.

Another question: What exactly is STS?

STS took over the old Monarch Engneering hangar and work on maintaining or adding parts to aircraft

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Ah, I see. Thanks!

I love it! She’s coming back! I bet they will be certified by December.

Welcome back MAX.

I’ve seen that aircraft countless times before. We were always wondering when it would finally go home again

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Yeah me too. I agree, I love flying every now and again because I always have stuff to do

I mean if you’ve been to Tenerife multiple times in 18 months you would’ve seen it

I have been at least 30 times to be more specific 😅

Then you may have seen it alot then

I did, I even had an unexpected layover on the island and went to check up on it before going to the hotel

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