The TS EGLL ATC don’t let me takeoff

So today,when I at EGLL airport,the ATC don’t let me takeoff,even I have waited for 15 mins,the traffic are even 11m away,but the ATC keep telling me to hold short at the runway head,can anybody tell me what to do when the ATC is wrong? Thanks!! Have a great day!

It’s Training. Nothing you can do, really. Sorry to hear about this.


This is the TS so some patience is needed as everyone is learning.

In the screen shot I see an inbound plane and one that looks like it is exiting the runway so it may not be clear to take off yet.


Think I’m more worried that there’s one waiting at both 09L and 27R for departure.


Yes,the runway change to red when I wait for 15mins when I was waiting the wind change,you can see there’s a plane behind me wanna takeoff from there too

Yea this screenshot shows there’s a plane on the runway,but when there’s not,the ATC still don’t let me takeoff😢

If the runway and inbound is clear, ask for departure again. Re-sending the holding short may be confusion to the controller if they are learning.

I can’t send the “hold short of runway 27L” only the ATC can do that ,and when I send it again,the ATC told me to be patient.

I mean if ATC is not letting you take off for a reason that’s not due to incoming traffic and you’ve been there that long, since it’s on TS I’d just take off. Not the most realistic thing but an ATC would never randomly hold you off. You can also check if the controller is on the forum so maybe you can PM him.


I think that this was the person controlling at the time @Zoken. You should PM them, so you can find out why they didn’t let you takeoff!

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I was referring to the “xxxx holding short runway 27L” by using the resend command. Either way ask for departure again or just take off if you have been there a while. Make sure you are not interfering with anyone while doing it though.

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Ok thanks you all! I will PM him Thank you guys very much!

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